Problems Faced
Loss of Connectivity
Loss of connectivity often leads to loss of revenue, failed communications, increased risk of fraudulent charges, and inconvenienced clients.

Security Risks

Not only is a traditional ISP connection expensive, it also presents the risk of jackpotting, fraud, hacking, etc. Using a traditional ISP increases your security risk because you allow access to your ATM’s data connection.

The WTIwireless Difference
Wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A wireless ISP gives your equipment a cellular internet connection (like your cell phone connection) with the reliability you have come to expect from your traditional ISP

Plug & Play Solution
Our plug & play router creates a reliable solution for all of your deployments. In three simple steps you will connected to the internet.

To learn more call us at (800) 475-1001.
Robust Firewall
PCI Compliant
5-Year Warranty (with WTI data plan)
Constant Contact
Data Plans
Verizon & AT&T
Month-to-month contracts
Monthly fee as low as $1/month
GBs as low as $5
Remote Power Switch
Power cycle devices via cloud management
Automated, schedules, and remote management
Cloud Management
Review router status & data usage
Reboot and ping devices
Set alerts

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