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Plug And Play Wireless Solutions

WTI offers machine to machine wireless connectivity for just about anything from ATMs, Kiosks and Digital Signage to Facility Management across many industry sectors. Rather than simply providing hardware or network service, WTI offers a complete solution designed to make your data connections simple, reliable and easy to manage. Get real-time data and usage analysis all from one easy to access platform.
WTI wireless creates 4G LTE gateways for secure, cloud-managed networking. We deliver a flexible time-tested platform for M2M and IoT connectivity customized to meet your exact situation.
Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enjoy real time intelligence of your business operations 24/7. Our intuitive user-friendly portal provides complete control over your entire network of WTI wireless devices.
Data Plan
WTI offers wireless internet connectivity and flexible data plans through our nationwide partnerships with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, ensuring you get the best coverage and fastest connection available.
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WTI Cloud Platform
WTI gives you the ability to centrally manage all your devices on one easy to use cloud platform.
Check real-time data usage
Manage your alert thresholds
Reboot your device remotely

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